My 17 year old daughter, who has cerebral palsy, is a huge Strictly Come Dancing fan and recently we went to see the show. The wheelchair seats were really far back and my daughter is partially sighted. I therefore booked seats closer to the stage so she could see and the ProMove sling was fantastic. My mum (who is 70) and I used the sling to carry my daughter to our seats, and it was so easy. We are so pleased with this purchase.
Lorena / Cheshire
I recommend them [Promove slings] in my client reports wherever and whenever relevant. I think they are a brilliant addition to the moving and handling market.
Jacqui / Occupational Therapist
Sharon Grainge
It is one of the best bits of kit we have ever bought.
Sharon Grainge / Mother of a disabled young woman and director of Grainge Villas
My daughter has Cerebral Palsy and for her to join in with the rest of the family, my husband used to lift her with a bear-hug to transfer from the wheelchair. With ProMove we can move her together in an easy and comfortable way.
Sue / West London
The ProMove sling, allowed safe transfer in areas where a hoist could not be used. This was particularly relevant in the emergency transfer of persons where the individual was being transferred from a wheel chair to an evacuation chair. Previously this transfer was carried out without a sling and involved potential risk to staff carrying out the transfer and the individual being transferred.
Laura, Sponsor a Sibling

Having a child with a life limiting condition, therefore unable to assist in moving himself and completely dependent on hoisting and slings, I just wanted to say what an amazing product the ProMove sling is and how reassuring it is to find something that can be used easily and efficiently in an emergency

Laura, Sponsor a Sibling
The ProMove sling is quite sturdy and well made. We are very relieved to have a safe method to lift/transport our son which won’t result in injury to either our son or ourselves. Thank you very much for this product. I’m certain your company has helped hundreds of people.
Valya / USA
Without the Promove sling we wouldn’t be able to help my sister access many activities or places out in society. She loves getting out and about and the Promove literally helps with that.
Jann / Her sister has Cerebral Palsy
Manual Handling Coordinator
With the ProMove sling on the market we can no longer justify using a top-and-tail lift in an emergency by claiming there is no alternative
Manual Handling Coordinator / UK NHS Ambulance Trust
My son has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy and we go to Florida. I have never seen this sling before and one of our biggest problems is moving him from his wheelchair to the aisle seat and then safely into his seat. We also do not have access to a hoist in America so all transfers are done manually by my husband.
Suzanne / Wiltshire
Martyn Smith
It can be placed into its deployed position while keeping the patient in an upright, seated position thus reducing the risk of respiratory embarrassment.
Martyn Smith / Manual Handling Trainer & Former Paramedic
I am so pleased to know that we have the ProMove sling, and that my son can now be transferred in the ‘plane by three or four people.
Ann / Buckinghamshire
I bought a ProMove sling to help lift my daughter when we went camping. It was a revelation! We were able to lift her easily from floor height and lift her in and out of her wheelchair and buggy. My daughter felt comfortable and safe in the sling. I am looking forward to using it on our forthcoming holiday both on the flight and on the beach, in fact anywhere we don’t have access to a hoist.
Zoe / Cheshire