ProMove Slings for Social Care

In combination with a slide sheet, the ProMove sling can help bring someone from a restricted location.
In combination with a slide sheet, the ProMove sling can help bring someone from a restricted location.

Corporate and private carers of elderly, frail or disabled people use ProMove slings for moving and handling clients who have become incapacitated e.g. someone cannot get up from a low sofa or toilet seat, transfer from a park bench or may have fallen. The ProMove sling has proven especially useful when out and about and it is necessary to transfer a disabled, or frail and elderly person from a wheelchair, for example, onto the toilet or seat on the bus. Having a ProMove sling with you when on a day out means you are better prepared for emergencies and you can safely take some residents who would otherwise have to have been left at home.

If you cannot, for any reason, use a hoist then make sure you use an alternative CE marked device that is intended for the job. Using a sling intended for hoisting, or a bed sheet or other compromise is not acceptable. Such an approach could cause harm to your client and to staff – and would likely result in litigation. Better to be safe – use a ProMove sling.

The ProMove sling is easily used in unpredictable situations to provide a safer more secure transfer where a hoist is unavailable or impractical:

  • Provides safe and comfortable manual handling solutions in crisis situations
  • Used in confined or outdoor locations where a hoist cannot be used.
  • Models for all sizes from children to bariatric adults.
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ProMove Slings are:

  • Easily deployed and placed beneath an individual whether on the ground, seated or restricted in a tight corner
  • Ideal in restricted locations where a hoist cannot be used
  • Provides good support, bucket shaped seat with no localised points of pressure
  • Spreads the load between up to four operatives, or eight with the extension handles, thereby reducing the strain on each member of the team
  • A safe means of evacuation from confined locations and to transfer non-weight bearers into an evacuation chair

ProMove Testimonials

Linda Macpherson
Use of the simple but effective ProMove will contribute to the safety and well-being of both service users and staff within Falkirk Council’s MECS Service.
Linda Macpherson / Team Manager, Falkirk Mobile Emergency Care Service
We have your products [ProMove slings] in all of our supported living homes – they are great and make our jobs easier.
Anonymous / Major Care Provider