ProMove Slings for Disabled Individuals

Enjoy transfers with comfort and dignity
Enjoy transfers with comfort and dignity

A wheelchair provides the disabled individual with freedom to get around and enjoy life’s experiences, but with a ProMove sling there are so many more opportunities. The ProMove sling provides a safe and comfortable means of transferring from a wheelchair. Disabled people enjoying an active lifestyle use the ProMove sling to help them enjoy more of life’s experiences. e.g. a ProMove sling can assist your family or friends to transfer you from your wheelchair without injuring you or placing a strain on themselves.

The dignity range of ProMove slings comes in three sizes: child size 1 is suitable for children from 3 to 10 years of age, child size 2 is suitable for children from 8 to 14 years of age and the adult sling is suitable for children from about 12 years of age to large size adults. Each of the sizes is available with the option of head support, ensuring that whatever the size of the individual and the nature of their disability there is a ProMove sling for them. The sling is lightweight and compact.

Are you an adult wheelchair user planning on travel or looking for ways of transferring from the wheelchair to take part in activities? If so, you will find the adult sling of enormous benefit. Easily placed under you by your companion or PA, it will enable a team of two, three or four people to lift and transfer you without holding onto bits of your anatomy.

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Enjoying great experiences
Enjoying great experiences

Those doing the handling will be at less risk of musculoskeletal injury and will be happier to help as they will have a handle to hold and know what to do. Why risk discomfort? Travel with your personal ProMove sling and ensure comfortable boarding and disembarking at any airport.

Are you a parent of a disabled child with limited mobility? Perhaps you use a hoist at home but struggle when out and about, on holiday or staying with family or friends. You may be reluctant to adopt a hoist for transfers. The child size ProMove slings can make life so much better for you and your child. It is easy to take with you, easily placed in your own bag or in the bag, optionally provided by ProMove. The ProMove sling will help overcome one of the challenges you have to face. It can be seen as an intermediate step to hoisting, allowing parents and child to become familiar with a sling before finally adopting hoisting as a regular means of transfer.


  • You can be transferred without being manhandled
  • Experience so much more through being comfortably moved from your wheelchair
  • Get a group of friends or family to move you without putting them at risk of injury
  • Have the assurance you can be evacuated in the event of an emergency or breakdown
  • Easily carried in its own bag on the back of your wheelchair or placed in your rucksack
  • Sizes for small or larger children as well as adults, optionally with head support
  • Using a ProMove sling provides an intermediate step for parents and children finding it difficult to adopt hoisting as a means of transfer
Two people can transfer a child safely and comfortably
We had a wonderful holiday which would not have been possible without your sling!
Carolyn / Mother of a disabled young person, UK
We have found the Promove sling fantastic. Everyone who has used it found it great. I recommend the sling to everyone.
Jane / Mother of a disabled teenage daughter, Thames Valley, UK
It is one of the best bits of kit we have ever bought.
Sharon / Mother of a brain injured teenage daughter, Merseyside, UK
Hannah Stone
The ProMove sling is brilliant! We have used it for getting people on and off sailing boats and all around Southern India!
Hannah Stone / Accessible Holidays, Las Piedras, Spain