Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about the ProMove sling?

It is an incredibly transportable, lightweight option for when you can’t take your hoist with you. The ProMove sling is a dignified option, it is safe when used correctly and is comfortable. You do not end up getting lifted and moved like a sack of potatoes. If a powered hoist could be taken everywhere, used in ANY space however small, then frankly you would have that, but the reality is that you cannot take a hoist everywhere so the ProMove sling is a hugely effective alternative.

What type of situations would you use the ProMove sling?

You might use the ProMove sling to:

  • transfer from wheelchair to aircraft aisle chair to aircraft seat;
  • transfer from wheelchair to a small aircraft that cannot accommodate an aisle chair;
  • from wheelchair into a caravan and onto a bench seat or bed;
  • from wheelchair to toilet seat;
  • from one chair to another;
  • from a wheelchair or seat to a play mat / play area
  • from wheelchair to a Theme Park ride;
  • from wheelchair to a cinema or theatre seat;
  • to help evacuate a person who is ill from an Arena or stadium or theatre or cinema seat to the nearest evac chair or stretcher;
  • evacuate someone from an upper floor down stairs when an evac chair cannot negotiate the stairs or the evac chair cannot be used due to the nature of the persons disability;
  • from quayside to boat deck;
  • to help move / transfer a child upstairs to bed when staying in a relative or friend’s house or even a small B&B / hotel where no lift is available;
  • from wheelchair to a car seat, though this is probably only the case for transferring younger children where two people can easily handle the lift in the restricted space. It can be used in combination with a transfer board and slide sheet.

Do you have videos demonstrating the sling?

Yes, take a look at our YouTube channel here

Is the ProMove sling safe in terms of Manual Handling Regulations to do with lifting and carrying?

Yes. Any blanket policy that says “no lifting” has been ruled as unlawful. Manual Handling Regulations offer advice on maximum safe limits to manually lifting. But these should be considered in relation to the strength of the operatives and any health issues they may have, the frequency of lifting, height of the lift and the quality of the handholds.

How does the sling work?

The ProMove sling allows two, three or four people to share the load and thereby reduce the weight that each person must lift. Furthermore, each person will have a proper grip thanks to the strategically placed padded handles.

Does the ProMove sling cause any pain to the individual being moved?

No, as individuals are fully supported without pressure points, reducing or eliminating risk of skin shearing or bruising (or even worse, dislocations or fractures). It also helps the operator and reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injury as the weight of the person being moved is better distributed between the operators and there are good handholds.

What if the sling isn’t the right size? Or it isn’t what I wanted? Can I return it?

Yes, just send the sling back and we will replace it with the alternative size, or, if you don’t think the sling is suitable, we will provide you with the refund providing you have returned it to us unused within 28 days of receipt.

Why would I use the ProMove sling, should I not be using a hoist?

Yes, ideally, lifting a disabled or incapacitated person is most safely done by hoisting, however the ProMove sling is the safest alternative when hoisting is not an option. To be clear, if you are in circumstances where a hoist is readily available and practical to use in the space / environment you are in, then you would normally use the hoist. But if you are in a place where using a hoist just isn’t feasible because there is no room, or you can’t get the hoist “legs” under a bed for instance, then the ProMove sling really is a tried and tested alternative.

How many people can use the ProMove sling?

The obvious answer is “the more people the better”, as this reduces the weight that each individual has to bear. But in truth this is all about size and weight. If the individual you are moving using the ProMove sling is a young child, say under 10, and not above average weight, or indeed lightweight, then we are aware that customers make the lift using just two people, which is the minimum required. If the individual being lifted is not a child and/or clearly heavier than a young child, then the ProMove sling can be used with two to four people thanks to its innovative design. But if being used to lift in circumstances such as bariatric care or rescue, the ProMove sling can accommodate up to 8 people doing the lift with extension handles.

Can the ProMove sling be left in its place indefinitely?

The ProMove is not designed to be left under someone. It can be put in place quickly and simply, and when not in use can be packed into a rucksack or in the optional bag provided by ProMove and placed on the back of the wheelchair. The ProMove sling can be left in place for a few minutes while for instance, the area the individual is being moved to is made ready, but not for prolonged periods.

Is the ProMove sling waterproof?

Yes it is waterproof and would be easily placed beneath someone in the bath. However, the position of those doing the lifting could be compromised, putting their backs at risk. A bath hoist would be a better option. However if space doesn’t permit, or you don’t have a fixed hoist or a mobile hoist that is suitable for your bath’s design, then the ProMove sling can offer a much better option than trying to lift from under the arms etc.

Can the ProMove sling be used by only two people to move an individual into a swimming pool?

Yes, but the posture of those doing the lifting may be compromised, therefore as many people as possible should be involved, both in the water and on the poolside. Repeated use in chlorinated water will reduce the lifespan of the sling and the sling should be rinsed immediately after use in swimming pool water.

Can I use the ProMove sling in seawater?

Yes, that would be straightforward. If transferring from a boat into the sea, as with use in swimming pools, careful thought needs to be given to the posture and foot holds of those doing the lifting. We are aware of customers who use the ProMove sling to transfer their child from wheelchair to the sea to swim with dolphins.