ProMove Slings for Evacuation / Facilities

An incapacitated lady is safely moved from the auditorium
An incapacitated lady is safely moved from the auditorium

Are you responsible for the evacuation of incapacitated people from a stadium or auditorium?

Do you have a means of lifting a collapsed or unconscious person from fixed, tiered seating and moving to a carrying chair or stretcher?

One leading premiership football ground is faced with having to recover someone who has collapsed in the stadium on average 25 times per month. Most frequently, it is someone who has fainted through lack of breakfast and lunch before the excitement of the game. However, there are often cases of strokes and heart attacks. Whatever the reason, the individual must be removed from the seating as quickly as possible, without causing injury and safeguarding the well-being of the staff implementing the recovery.

It is an obligation on every employer to ensure their staff has safe working conditions. This applies to ensuring that workers faced with manual handling are equipped with the appropriate equipment. Picking someone up by the arms and legs is a difficult and hazardous manoeuvre at the best of times, but when this is done in fixed, tiered seating, it is extremely dangerous for all concerned. Appropriate equipment must be provided and that is a ProMove sling.

The Evacuation Kit from ProMove comprises the adult size ProMove sling, a set of eight extension handles and a compact carrying bag. With minimal training staff can apply the sling to extricate a collapsed person from the seating of a stadium or auditorium. The extension handles may assist the manoeuvre when height between tiers is extreme and enables one or two members of the rescue team to stand in the row behind and to lift without bending.

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Are you responsible for evacuation from a building using evacuation chairs?

Have you considered how a disabled person unable to transfer themselves is to be moved from a wheelchair into the evacuation chair?

The ProMove sling is easy to put in place
The ProMove sling is easy to put in place

Wheelchair users lacking the upper body strength to transfer themselves from a wheelchair to the evacuation chair will need assistance – often in the form of bodily lifting them. Picking someone up by the arms and legs is difficult, even hazardous. Such a manoeuvre can cause injury to the disabled individual and is likely to result in musculoskeletal injury to those doing the lifting. A ProMove sling is easily placed beneath a seated person and enables a team of 2 to 4 operatives to pick the person up and complete the transfer into the evacuation chair.

If evacuating a disabled child or young adult from an upper floor in an emergency, or evacuating someone from a location where an evacuation chair is not accessible (e.g. fire or broken lift), the ProMove Sling can help you, with the four people doing the lift, all the way down stairs to the ground floor. This may be a solution to the challenge of catering for several wheelchair users, as evacuation plans that involve taking an evacuation chair back up the stairs to bring another person down is not likely to be acceptable and would not be practical in most circumstances.

The ProMove Sling can offer an alternative way of evacuating a severely disabled person in testing circumstances as the sling provides such comfortable support – importantly this approach might be an acceptable way to mitigate a fire safety concern at the planning and permissions stage.