ProMove Slings for Schools & Colleges

A disabled student can access many more activities
A disabled student can access many more activities

Schools and colleges enhance the activities of disabled young people using ProMove slings to transfer to and from their wheelchairs either in an emergency or for involvement in activities.

Fire safety officers will routinely reject evacuation plans that involve taking an evacuation chair back up the stairs to evacuate a second person. This effectively means the school will need an evacuation chair for each potential user on an upper floor. This may be especially problematic when the campus comprises several buildings with upper floors. Many schools and colleges have overcome this problem by providing each student that uses a wheelchair with a ProMove sling. In many schools, the sling, in its bag, is placed with a wheelchair when the student arrives in the morning and collected when the student leaves in the afternoon. This ensures that wherever that student is on campus, the appropriate size sling will be with them. Some UK colleges and universities provide each student that uses a wheelchair with a ProMove sling at the start of the first academic year, for their personal use for the duration of their course.

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A student transferred safely and with dignity
A student transferred safely and with dignity

Schools and colleges have found the ProMove slings to be especially valuable off the school/college premises, be that days out, field trips or holidays. In addition to providing access to so many otherwise inaccessible activities, the ProMove sling is invaluable for more mundane tasks such as transfer to a toilet seat, or seat on the bus, making the trip more practical, more dignified and safer. ProMove slings are also used to access activities at school such as transfer to play/exercise mats. Being compact and lightweight, a ProMove sling can be taken anywhere and used with ease wherever and whenever necessary.

ProMove slings are also used to quickly transfer wheelchair users to the floor in a medical emergency, such as, cardiac arrest or epileptic seizure. If your establishment has a student susceptible to such an emergency, do you have a ProMove sling on their wheelchair?

  • Ergonomically designed units suitable for children from three years to large adult
  • Enables pupils and students to partake in more of the activities their peers enjoy
  • Provides a quick, simple, secure method of evacuation when the alarm sounds or transfer is needed in a medical emergency

Schools, colleges and outdoor centres have found the ProMove sling can be useful (even vital) in numerous ways.

Shirley Parker
The sling has been a great asset, it recently went on an adventure holiday and was used constantly. It travels everywhere and has been taken over many miles.
Shirley Parker / Lindom Bennett School, UK
Marie Biggin
ProMove slings have provided a solution for transferring our pupils with a range of mobility needs. Staff who have been trained to use them have found them to be easy to use and the occupational therapists who attended the training sessions were impressed with them.
Marie Biggin / St John Fisher School, UK
Adam Anstey
Simple to use and very effective.
Adam Anstey / Christ the King Collete, UK
Nick Liley
The ProMove has become a vital tool as part of our work at the Lake District Calvert Trust; it has enabled people with disabilities to access the most inaccessible areas and activities. A fantastic piece of kit! I would certainly recommend this to anyone moving and assisting people with disabilities in the outdoor environment.
Nick Liley / Lake District Calvert Trust, UK
A safe and comfortable transfer to a soft play area
A safe and comfortable transfer to a soft play area