How the ProMove Sling Works

The ProMove sling is designed to be placed beneath a seated individual to allow a team of two or more operatives to lift and move that individual to another position or location. The video to the right shows this process in an auditorium.

If the individual to be moved is lying down, the ProMove sling can be put in place by employing a log roll technique or, if this is impractical, the ProMove sling can be put in place with the aid of a slide sheet as shown with the bariatric mannequin in the video on the Emergency Services page.

How to fit the ProMove Sling

Step 1

Place the ProMove sling behind the person’s back and tuck down to the base of the spine. Bring the elongated parts to both sides.

Step 2

Lift each leg in turn; bring one elongated part under both legs and pull handle through to meet matching coloured handle on the other side. Join handles with the padded wrap.

Step 3

Repeat process with other elongated part, taking beneath the first part. Join handles of the same colour. And that’s it, the sling is in place. Now lift using 2-4 operatives.

Here is a step-by-step presentation of how to use the ProMove sling: