ProMove Slings for Airports & Airlines

Two or more service providers can lift and move a PRM safely and with dignity
Two or more service providers can lift and move a PRM safely and with dignity

UK Airport service providers use ProMove slings to move passengers with reduced mobility (PRM), transferring PRM’s from their wheelchair into an aisle chair and then into the aircraft seat, maximising comfort & minimising the risk of injury to the passenger. They will see greater passenger satisfaction and less complaints and claims for compensation.

Adoption of the ProMove sling for handling PRM provides safer working conditions for staff thereby complying with Health and Safety requirements and Manual Handling Regulations. The strategically placed handles make lifting easier and less hazardous, reducing musculoskeletal injury. The ease of use can improve turnaround times and there are minimal training requirements.

The ProMove sling is supplied in a kit especially for airports and airlines; the kit includes sling, eight extension handles and bag. The extension handles are simply attached to the sling handles when required to assist in handling bariatric passengers and if you need to carry PRM up or down a flight of steps, e.g. with smaller aircraft. The bag has straps and buckles so that it can be attached to the aisle chair, ensuring the sling and handles are always to hand. As a useful extra you may consider the red slide sheet which will assist in sliding the passenger into the window seat. We recommend you have one kit per aisle chair.

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PRM comfortably settled in his seat

The ProMove sling for PRM:

The ProMove sling gets a PRM comfortably and securely into his seat
The ProMove sling gets a PRM comfortably and securely into his seat
  • Provides full body support for the passenger, eliminating pressure points
  • Provides good handholds with the strategically placed padded handles
  • Special bag to store sling on the back of the aisle chair

How the ProMove Sling can help

  • Helps you to conform to Health and Safety Regulations and Manual Handling Guidelines
  • Can improve staff job satisfaction
  • Enhances the travel experience of PRM, providing you with positive feedback
  • Bag specially equipped with attachments to store sling on back of the aisle chair
  • Allows additional staff to assist in transfer of larger passengers
  • Simple and quick to deploy, enhancing turnaround times

Airports and airlines using the ProMove sling:

  • London, Stansted Airport
  • London, Luton Airport
  • London, Southend Airport
  • London, Heathrow
  • East Midlands Airport
  • Edinburgh Airport
  • Doncaster Sheffield Airport
  • Belfast City Airport
  • Dublin Airport
  • Bristol International Airport
  • Doha International Airport, Qatar
  • Air CalĂ©donie, New Caledonia
  • Bucharest International Airport
  • Viggo Eindhoven Airport, The Netherlands