About Us

ProMove UK Ltd was established in 2007 by (the now late) Dr Huw Thomas and current director Dana Thomas.

Huw had limb girdle muscular dystrophy and initially designed the ProMove sling for his own use, mainly due to difficulties in transferring from his wheelchair at airports. The company was established in order to sell the sling to others in a similar situation to himself.

Huw describes it all in this video:

In 2008 the sling was exhibited at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions and came away as a winner in the medical devices section. The product subsequently won the government-sponsored Inventors Den, and in 2011 Huw won the prestigious Stelios Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The sling is manufactured in Wales, allowing a close relationship between production and sales ensuring the highest possible standards of quality.

ProMove believes that the equipment it designs and creates should overcome disabilities, should be well designed and made with due care and attention. The ProMove sling is hand crafted by a skilled and dedicated team who are genuinely passionate about quality. Local people working to international standards of production and safety – that is what is behind the products ISO9000 and CE accreditation.

The following video shows a glimpse of the manufacturing process:

From its original model, the sling has been refined and expanded into a range of three sizes to accommodate small children to large adults. There is also a special range of extra large slings that are sold to the emergency services for handling bariatric (obese) people. Our slings are now sold all over the world, mostly to disabled individuals and their families, but also to schools and colleges, the emergency services, airports and airlines, outdoor adventure centres for disabled people, care homes, auditorium and stadium managers (to recover people when taken ill in fixed tiered seating), and to facilities managers for emergency evacuation from buildings.

We endeavour to keep in contact with our customers, disabled people and those with an interest in disability through our social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Why not follow us on Twitter @a2bwithdignity and take a look at the Facebook page and “like” to be kept up to date with news from the industry and business milestones.



The greatest satisfaction is gained from the feedback of our customers. With comments like: “it made our holiday because for the first time we travelled together as a family”, “the best thing we ever bought” and “I wouldn’t be without my ProMove sling, it’s fantastic” make very satisfying reading.

Jacob, the subject of this video is just one of our many satisfied customers:

If you would like to talk about your manual handling needs or those of a family member or friend please call us on 01970 820893, send us an email to enquiries@promove.uk.com or write to us at Tremfan, Cwmann, Lampeter, SA48 8ES.