The ProMove Sling is a disabled lifting sling for when you can’t take your hoist with you. It can help disabled people transfer from a wheelchair to just about anywhere.

This is an innovative disabled lifting sling that is incredibly light & portable, making it a realistic alternative when a hoist is not an option, enabling a transfer/lift that is safe, comfortable and dignified. See our video here and please take a journey around our new website which tells you all you need to know about the benefits of the ProMove Sling, how to buy, and a lot more besides!!

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ProMove Slings
for Disabled Individuals

With a ProMove Sling you can be safely transferred from your wheelchair to just about anywhere ! Great for holidays, activities, days out & even for emergency evacuation if needed.

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ProMove Slings
for the Emergency Services

Fire and Rescue and Ambulance Services, are frequently called upon to lift and move sick or injured people. The ProMove sling provides a safe way of doing so.

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ProMove Slings
for Schools & Colleges

The ProMove sling allows students to access facilities and activities their peers take for granted. It provides a safe means of evacuation in an emergency, wherever the location.

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ProMove Slings
for Airport & Airlines

The ProMove sling provides a safe and dignified means of transferring Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM), avoiding putting passengers and service providers at risk of injury.

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ProMove Slings
for Social Care

Avoid inappropriate lifting when otherwise ambulant patients or residents have fallen or cannot rise in inaccessible locations. The ProMove sling meets relevant manual handling regulations.

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ProMove Slings
for Evacuation / Facilities

The ProMove sling is a safe means of evacuating a sick person from fixed seating in a stadium or auditorium. Also an effective alternative to an evac chair in complex buildings or transfer into the chair.

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My son has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy and we go to Florida. I have never seen this sling before and one of our biggest problems is moving him from his wheelchair to the aisle seat and then safely into his seat. We also do not have access to a hoist in America so all transfers are done manually by my husband.
Suzanne Wiltshire

We have a ProMove which is the most amazing piece of equipment invented. We are constantly recommending it to friends. It has been a god send when flying and we have had fantastic holidays in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which we would never have attempted if we had not had the Pro Move. Our son now prefers (insists) that we transfer him to bed and onto his wheelchair using the promove rather than his hoist
James South Lanarkshire

My daughter has Cerebral Palsy and for her to join in with the rest of the family, my husband used to lift her with a bear-hug to transfer from the wheelchair. With ProMove we can move her together in an easy and comfortable way.
Sue West London